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Rose Drops Organic Damask Mist

hand picked Damak Rose Petals

We are happy to source ethically produced glass bottles from Scotland

The 50ml and 100ml size bottles vary in colour.

We currently have 50ml Blue Skye and 100ml Clear Frost bottles

Please  be assured the contents remain identical:

Pure Organic Damask Rosewater

"Rose water addresses the soul, it enhances the power of comprehension and augments the memory "  


Avicenna a 10th Century physician who compiled The Canon of Medicine, a definitive encyclopedia of Greek and Roman medical achievement.

The Rose Journey  



Whilst visiting ancient treasures in the Palace of Istanbul on a hot August day we were offered a cool refreshing drink enhanced with the essence of rose, a traditional custom of the Ottoman times.  


Awakened by the thirst to rekindle this exquisite taste our rose journey began to find and share a unique and wonderful rosewater that is pure and naturally beneficial to enhance the beauty within.

Organic Damask Roses are hand picked and using a traditional copper distill the highest quality and purest form of rose water is produced. Just as a first press olive oil this single distillation of the rose petals leaves this rose water with exceptional qualities of the rose, high in anti-oxidants, flavonoids and vitamins.


Taken for centuries traditionally to support well being and promote beauty within, Rosewater can be taken in water as a delicious drink full of goodness or added to food to create exquisite deserts. Rosewater is loved universally and renowned for its healing and soothing properties and for balancing and enhancing the skin.


Rosedrops Organic Rosewater is a pure and delicate distillation of one of natures most beautiful healing flowers, the damask rose.

We hope, you too, will enjoy the revival of the rose as part of your well being thereby enhancing your inner beauty to reveal the outer 'you'.


"Rosedrops gave me a wonderful sense of wellbeing and tranquillity, I added a few drops to my water and a moment to appreciate nature and how marvellous it is"