The Rose Journey

The journey towards Rosedrops began after a succession of bereavements, my Spiritual Master of 26 years passed away a few months after a beautiful friend of mine and my life on earth had lost it’s fragrance within.


Several months passed with life continuing, my work as a Coach and Trainer, Mother and Carer, friend and supporter, none of these things had stopped. Neither had the smile on my lips or the words I used, what had changed is my life’s beauty in my heart, my essence had dimmed and was fading by the day.


Whilst visiting ancient treasures in the Palace of Istanbul on a hot August day we were offered a cool refreshing drink enhanced with the essence of rose, a traditional custom of the Ottoman times.  My heart smiled for the first time it seemed…


I returned to London and began sourcing the best organic rosewater I could find to drink and the rose reminded me…

“All you love lies in all that is beautiful, your heart included”


I travelled to Turkey’s rose valley and searched for a unique and wonderful rosewater, Organic, Pure and a single distillation, where the essence of the rose was retained. Rosedrops began, my journey was connecting me with all those who shared my passion for Organic farming, natural beauty and well being and the stories and comments from all those who share the love of roses and the benefits continue to inspire and create the dream.


“Your heart knows the way…” Rumi