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Benefits of Rose Water

For centuries the rose has been highly valued by many cultures for its profound healing properties and is still used today traditionally. Ottoman physicians frequently mentioned the rose and medicines prepared with the rose regarding it as both a physical and psychological healing flower. 


Rose benefits the heart:
Rose oil is said to have the highest vibrational frequency of any other essential oil and its healing properties are profound. Rose supports through times of sadness and grief as it can help reduce anxiety and stress to promote emotional balance and calm a true ‘friend of the heart’.


Traditional benefits include:

Strengthening the mind and balancing the emotions

Rejuvenating and re hydrating the skin 

Uplifting and enlivening moods

Harmonising and soothing the senses  

Stimulating the digestive system and relieving stomach acid

Cooling of the body (traditionally used to treat headaches caused by heat)

Rich in vitamins A, C, D, E and B3, anti-oxidants and flavonoids 

What makes Rosedrops Organic Rosewater so different

Rosedrops Organic Rosewater is unique as  it is derived using a single distillation using a traditional copper distil. It is pure and undiluted with a delicate and refreshing taste and aroma.

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